We’re 30!

This month sees Direct Gaskets reach another milestone – 30 years in business.

Since establishing as a business in 1989, Direct Gaskets have been a constant supplier of gaskets, sheeting, ‘O’ Rings and Gland Packing to industries in all sectors.

They have had to evolve over time to keep up with the needs of industries and invest in new materials as the times have changed. One example of this is the ban of Asbestos in 1999 – all new ranges of materials which are Asbestos free had to be manufactured to cover the wide application Asbestos had previously been applied in.

In the span of Direct Gaskets’ 30 year success, they have relocated twice to expand and house their huge range of items they keep on stock, seen staff changes and suppliers and customers come and go – but one thing stands true – Direct Gaskets have been at the forefront of Gasket manufacturing and supply. This has been recognised in awards they have achieved, the most recent being Yorkshire & the Humber Enterprise Awards 2018 in the category of Best Gasket Manufacturer & Suppliers 2018.

Being at the cutting edge of their industry is something Direct Gaskets always aim to achieve as well as maintaining a high level of quality and control. They are assessed by QMS and have recently been awarded their ISO 9001 : 2015 accreditation. They also regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys to check their levels of professionalism with the most recent survey earning them a platinum 96% customer satisfaction rating.

Currently at the helm is Lyn Weichardt who is the acting Managing Director. Lyn began her career at Direct Gaskets being their resident book keeper. When Lyn became pregnant with her first child she decided to thin out her work load and leave some businesses she was accounting for. In doing this she decided to keep working with Direct Gaskets as she was truly interested in the business and what they were achieving. She soon stopped working for all other businesses and became a full time employee of Direct Gaskets – working her way to the top of the chain and taking over as the acting Managing Director.

Direct Gaskets wouldn’t have had a successful 30 years if it wasn’t for loyal customers – large and small, personal sales or industry sales keeping them in business; coupled with this Direct Gaskets offer an unbeatable turnaround time on all products at a competitive price.

So, 30 years in Direct Gaskets would like to say thank you – here’s to 30 more.


-Direct Gaskets Team