Customer Feedback Form

At Direct Gaskets our main priority is to help our customers and make sure all of their goods are manufactured to the highest quality.

To help us get this message across we have introduced to our site a Customer Feedback Form, which is open to everyone.

The aim of this form is for you – the public – to let us all at Direct Gaskets know if what we did for you was satisfactory.

This form is easy to locate on our website. There is a link at the bottom of every page and a link on the ‘Contact Us’ page on the left hand side, under the details for the office staff.

When filling in this form you can wish to stay anonymous if you like. Or alternatively, allow us to publish some of your comments in a new News article – right here on the website.

All of us at Direct Gaskets would like to thank you in advance for your custom and feedback as well as continued loyalty.