25 Years!

This year, 2014, Direct Gaskets surpass 25 years of operation.

We have always considered ourselves as market leaders in the manufacture of gaskets.

Having been in the business for 25 years we have seen many faces and companies come and go, all of which have contributed to our huge success.

Still managing to trade through the ever changing, hustle and bustle of Kingston Upon Hull, survive a recession, changing in staff and the prospect of a new building in the not so distant future – we have and will always be a reliable source of raw materials and cut gaskets.

While supplying to pioneering companies such as; Croda, Nippon Gohsei and Smith and Nephew, we also help to keep afloat shipping companies, house shop fitters and fill in the gaps for builders.

The managing Director Lyn Weichardt who is at the helm of such a business says: “Without our reliable staff and customers we would not have been as established as we are now. They are the ones who have recommended us to other companies and even use us in their spare time! Word of mouth has defiantly kept us alive. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them sincerely from the bottom of our hearts here at Direct Gaskets. We also always welcome new faces and custom, even if it is ‘just’ a tap washer you need.”

So there it is; a thriving and ever growing company who are always optimistic for the future and who have seen through all types of crisis, new opportunities and curveballs thrown their way, still grounded and celebrating 25 years of success.

Good luck, thank you and here is to another 25 years!