Graphite laminate is reinforced with one or more insertions of tanged 0.1mm thick 316 stainless steel. No adhesive is required to bond the graphite layers as the graphite material is fixed to the insert by small, sharp teeth. Resulting in a sturdy gasket material with excellent mechanical strength. We do not recommend manual cutting of gaskets.


Frequently used in flange connections for piping and machinery. With its wide temperature range and excellent stress retention it makes it extremely suitable for use in steam systems and process duties in the chemical and petrochemical and manufacturing industries etc. The high mechanical strength of the material ensures it can seal higher internal pressures than standard sheet materials..

Max recommended temperature : OPERATING -200 to +450°C Max recommended temperature : OPERATING STEAM 400°C Max recommended pressure : 12MPa / 120 BAR / 1716 PSI

These temperature and pressure guides cannot necessarily be used simultaneously and may not apply to all thicknesses.


BAM (Oxygen) DVGW


Thickness 1.5mm
Density 1.0 g/cc
Insert Thickness 0.1mm
Compression ASTM F36J 30% to 37%
Recovery ASTM F36J 20%
Residual Stress BS7531 40N/mm² @ 300°C 37 MPa
Gas Leakage BS7531 <1.0 ml/min
Ash Content 1.0% max
Chloride Content 45 ppm max