Shim is a graphite laminate which is reinforced with a 316 stainless steel foil. The thickness of this foil is 0.1mm. The graphite and foil insert are adhesively joined together, the adhesive is chloride-free. It’s colour is a silver/grey finish.


Used for a wide range of applications including: steam sealing, for use with most chemicals and extremely easy to cut. Often used with thin flanges due to it’s easiness to cut.

Max recommended temperature : OPERATING 400°C Max recommended pressure : 80 BAR .

These temperature and pressure guides cannot necessarily be used simultaneously and may not apply to all thicknesses.


BAM – Oxygen approved 


Thickness 1.5mm
Density 1.0 g/cc
Insert Thickness 0.1mm
Compression ASTM F36J 42% to 50%
Recovery ASTM F36J 15%
Residual Stress BS7531 40N/mm² @ 300°C 35 MPa
Gas Leakage ASTM F152 <1.0 ml/min
Ash Content 1.0% max
Chloride Content 45 ppm max