An asbestos free sheet sealing material combining graphite, aramid fibres and a rubber binder.


Graftec material is suitable for a wide range of applications including: hot and cold water,low pressure steam, oils, fuels, gases and a wide range of general chemicals. Suitable for public utilities, chemical plants, oil industry, etc.

Max recommended temperature : SHORT TERM 300°C Max recommended temperature : OPERATING STEAM 250°C * Max recommended pressure : 10MPa / 100 BAR / 1500 PSI.

These temperature and pressure guides cannot necessarily be used simultaneously and may not apply to all thicknesses. The operating temperature for non-asbestos sheet materials is related to the thickness of the material. Thinner materials offer better temperature and pressure properties.


BAM (Oxygen) up to 90°C, 160 BAR WRAS Potable Water Certificate No. 0004502 Complies with BS specification 7531 Grade X


Thickness 1.5mm
Density 1.65 g/cc
Tensile Strength ASTM F152 13.0 MPa
Compression ASTM F36 11%
Recovery ASTM F36 55%
Residual Stress BS7531 (300°C) DIN 52913 26 MPa 31 MPa
Gas Leakage BS7531 <1.0 cc/min
ASTM Oil 1 Thickness Increase 1.0%
IRM 903 Oil Thickness Increase 2.5%
ASTM Fuel B Thickness Increase 2.5%