TEMPERATURE : -40 up to +250°C
ROTARY SPEED : 18 metres per second
pH RANGE : 2 – 14


VT2 is a special PTFE acrylic fibre packing. The outstanding capability and performance of this packing starts with the strength of the synthetic acrylic fibres. To maximise the performance of this fibre, the packing is thoroughly impregnated, yarn by yarn, with a heavy PTFE dispersion and further treated with special lubricants. VT2 is a true high specification process industry packing. The combination of an exceptional packing fibre and heavy advanced lubrication gives a clean, smooth running packing for an extended life. Even at high shaft speeds and pressures within a wide pH and temperature range.


Process plant including, pumps, valves mixers, reactor vessels and reciprocating applications. Against general chemicals, solvents, oils, water and steam. A wide ranging packing for use even when in arduous conditions in process applications especially where alternative packing contaminate, cause excessive wear or require frequent maintenance and replacement. VT2 does not contaminate or stain, making it particularly suitable for use in food, water and pipe industries.