TEMPERATURE : up to +280°C
ROTARY SPEED : 25 metres per second
pH RANGE : 0 – 14


VP2 is manufactured from 100% G1 fibre. This newly developed outstanding yarn is very similar in material construction to the original GORE GFO fibre and has been manufactured to optimise performance at an improved cost. G1 yarn is constructed from PTFE tape and graphite inter-locked to create a true synergy between these two premier packing materials. High temperature break-in and running lubricants are added to the yarns, prior to braiding in our cross-lock lattice. The result is an exceptional process packing that gives, often many times, a longer service life in the vast majority of applications. With the exception of high mechanical load (highly abrasive media or high pressure) or temperatures about PTFE’s limit of 280°C, VP2 is the ultimate packing. VT2 resists all chemicals across the entire pH range (except: Oleum, Aqua Regia, fuming Nitric Acid and Fluorine), is self lubricating and does not shrink, harden, nor dry out. The packing is very cool running with exceptionally good thermal conductivity thus practically eliminating shaft scoring.


For use wherever the value of the best quality and material packing can be realised. We recommend these PTFE graphite packings for all possible applications. They will increase service life whilst minimising wear and gland adjustments, against nearly all media in static, rotary and reciprocating uses.